The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has selected the University of Maryland as the recipient of five Undergraduate Science Education awards since 1992, totalling $8.2 million. HHMI funds innovative proposals to improve undergraduate education in the biological sciences at selected American colleges and universities. Maryland was identified as an institution "with a demonstrable record in preparing students for graduate education and careers in research, teaching, or the practice of medicine." The latest grant, for $1.5 million, supports undergraduate research programs, curriculum development, professional development for current and future faculty and outreach programs for secondary school students and their teachers.

Outreach programs

Undergraduate research programs

Teaching and Learning programs

  • Teaching and Learning Center - supports professional development for faculty and graduate students
  • Undergraduate curriculum redesign - teaching communities that seek to transform the undergraduate curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning Fellows - opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to become deeply involved in curriculum transformation efforts

HHMI Undergraduate Science Education program