Biofire Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentors have been carefully selected based on their high academic achievement and their ability to support their peers in their learning.




Classification: Senior

Birthday: May 6th

Major: Physiology and Neurobiology

Hometown: Laurel, MD

Career Aspiration: Immunologist

Favorite Food: Chinese Food

Favorite Color: Green

 Fun Fact: I love playing video games

Courses of Expertise: Chem231/232 and Math130/131

"Tutoring is not only for those who need help. It is a great way for individuals to stay on top of what they are learning."




Classification: Senior

Birthday: May 23rd

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Potomac, MD

Career Aspiration: Educator and Student (cause no one really graduates from being a learner!)

Favorite Food: Any fruit and the entire menu at Costco

Favorite Color: Blue and Yellow

 Fun Fact: I love to tell alkynes of puns

Courses of Expertise: Math140/141/220/241 and Chem 131/146/231/237/247/271/276  

"When sitting in a sea of students in a lecture hall, you are mostly taking in information as a passive learner. In tutoring, you quite contrastingly have an active role! By asking loads of questions or drawing graphs on the whiteboard, the tutoring sessions are commanded by not us tutors, but you! The advantages with tutoring is that you not only memorize, but make lasting connections from the course material in such a way that you would be blown away by what you are capable of."