Catalyst Seminar

The Catalyst Seminar is designed to introduce students to undergraduate research opportunities in the biological and chemical sciences. The seminar uses a blended format, with 4-5 class meetings during the semester during which students hear overviews of faculty research and meet potential research mentors. The remainder of the course consists of online activities that introduce students to the culture of scientific research, including communication, ethics, and peer review.

The Catalyst Seminar is intended for students who:

  • Are majoring in (or have an interest in) chemistry, biochemistry, or biology
  • Have completed one semester of General Chemistry or Introductory Biology (e.g., CHEM 131, BSCI 160, BSCI 170 or their equivalents)
  • Maintain a 3.0 overall grade point average

Enrollment in the Catalyst Seminar is by permission only. Interested students should contact us at to request an electronic stamp.

See the syllabus for more details on course content.