Science education Initiatives

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has selected the University of Maryland as the recipient of six Undergraduate Science Education awards since 1992, totalling $9.4 million. HHMI funds innovative proposals to improve undergraduate education in the biological sciences at selected American colleges and universities. Maryland was identified as an institution "with a demonstrable record in preparing students for graduate education and careers in research, teaching, or the practice of medicine." 


Our newest initiative consists of three interlinked components that are designed to increase the persistence and success of students in the biological and chemical sciences:

  • A living and learning community for students interested in the biological and chemical sciences 
  • A three-semester immersion in faculty-led research, via the First-Year Innovation and Research (FIRE) program
  • Opportunities for students to build on these experiences through faculty-mentored individual research and mentoring of first-year students.

Undergraduate Research Programs

Legacy Initiatives

Several initiative that were developed under previous HHMI grants (1992-2014) are continuing with institutional support:

  • Jump Start - a summer science immersion program for high school students
  • Catalyst Seminar - an orientation to research opportunities for second semester freshmen
  • CMNS Teaching and Learning Center - supporting professional development in scientific teaching for faculty and graduate students and conducting research in science education
  • Undergraduate curriculum redesign - teaching communities that seek to improve student learning in science courses 


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